Motivate Your Remote Team with Positive Peer Pressure

Build a culture of self-discipline for your remote team.

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Elizabeth Grace Saunders, CEO and Time Management Coach


Motivate Your Remote Team with Positive Peer Pressure

To take advantage of some of the major perks of remote work – like flexible hours – it’s key to build a culture of self-discipline.

This is the only way to combat the temptation of procrastination, and to protect your team from overworking.

To do this, you can tap into positive peer pressure to help your team hold each other accountable.

Here are three tactics you can use.

📣 1. Make public declarations

When you wake up and bring that first cup of coffee to your desk, start your workday by saying what you want to achieve by the end of the day. Encourage everyone to do this!

Making your goals public, makes it harder to go back on them.

Pro tip: If you use Slack, you can even set up a workflow reminder that asks for your priorities at the start of the day.

👯 2. Pair off accountability buddies

Everyone needs someone to help them stay honest - even you!

Ping a team member to keep you accountable in the morning and make a plan together if you need to.

Then, check in a few hours before the end of the day to see if you’re on track and – if not – how you will get back on track.

🎏 3. Work separately, but together

Set up a video call that recreates the work environment. Once you’re all in the same call, everyone can work on their own tasks separately.

Now you're in the same room, you can help each other get unstuck and use the energy to keep motivated.

Pro tip: If some of your team crave the physical presence of others to get into a rhythm, you might consider funding co-working spaces for them.

💪 Work those muscles!

Without the physical presence of a manager and team, it’s really hard to hold even ourselves accountable.

These tactics will help your team train their self-discipline muscles, and also bring an new level of visibility to everyone's work; nothing says keep it moving quite like watching your entire team hit their targets!

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