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Inspired by:

Sheryl Sandberg, COO at Facebook


Share Your Impact Without Bragging

Have you ever hesitated to ask for a promotion or pay rise, thinking that good work will speak for itself?

Sheryl Sandberg knows just what you mean which is why she calls out Tiara Syndrome as a problem. This is when you believe your accomplishments will be noticed and rewarded, like a tiara on your head.

But is that really the case?

Share Your Impact Without Bragging

With things moving fast at work, you have to actively highlight your accomplishments or they may be overlooked.

You may be wondering: How do I talk about my achievements without coming across as self-centered or less of a team player?

The STAR Model—which stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result—is perfect for this scenario.

🖼️ S for Situation

Describe the context.

The marketing team needed to launch a new product offering and make the campaign unique so it would stand out against our existing campaigns and competitors.

📝 T for Task

Explain what your responsibility was.

I manage the Creative team, so it’s my job to work with Marketing to come up with campaign ideas and help my team execute.

🎬 A for Action

Explain what you did.

My campaign strategy and facilitation helped our team deliver high-quality work with tight messaging and an extremely targeted approach.

🎯 R for Result

Share the fruits of your labor!

The campaign as a whole had the highest click-through rate of any ad campaign to-date.

✊ Be your best advocate

You don’t need to be boastful to voice your accomplishments. Plus, having a record of your major wins helps your boss or stakeholders keep track, too.

Listing weekly achievements is motivating and helpful for requesting a promotion or raise.

Challenge Why not set yourself a reminder at the end of the week to fill out the STAR Model?

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