Balance Your Personal Energy Account

Increase and replenish your energy.

Team Morale

Inspired by:

Rachel Montañez, Career Change Coach and Forbes Contributor


Balancing your Personal Energy Account

Imagine your energy levels are like a bank account - each time you push yourself it withdraws energy, so you need to replenish it again when you are running low.

To perform at your peak you need to keep your energy balanced - venturing out of your comfort zone without over-exerting yourself too often.

At the end of each week, reflect and ask yourself 3 key questions.

🍽️ What do I find most challenging?

List all the tasks and projects currently on your plate. This helps you understand the actual demands you're facing.

Then ask yourself which projects you find most challenging? This will help you pinpoint the energy-intensive ones, and will help you plan your own workload more realistically.

🧘 What restores my energy?

These are your resources. For some people, this means more sleep, exercise, or social time. For others, it might be more creative time for passion projects.

Reflect on what gives you energy, and most importantly are you getting enough of it?

❤️ How can I get more of it?

Brainstorm ideas of how you can do more of the activities that give you energy. Here's a few for starters:

• Put it in the calendar! • Have a weekly early night-off for dates / sports / games • Get an accountability buddy to check in and encourage you to switch off.

Jot down how your boss or team can help you, and tell them about it in your next 1:1.

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